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Pink Flamingos

Celebrate Pink Flamingo Day!
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Pink Flamingo Links & News Articles

Plastic Flamingo
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Lawn Ornament
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Flamingos Migrate to Iraq
Tue April 8, 2008
Blog – Flock the yard; a blog about our adventures in flocking yards

On February 24, Chris from Chris in Iraq posted about Kix & Dunn as well as a lawn update. At the end of his lawn update he mentioned that he was looking for a pink flamingo lawn ornament. Michelle Reed, President of the Lawn Greeting Association read this post and e-mailed Chris.
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A Tribute to the Campy Plastic Pink Flamingo
Thu Jan 10, 2008
Production of the original plastic pink flamingo, designed in 1957 by Don Featherstone, ceased in June, 2006, just shy of its 50th birthday. Its manufacturer, Union Products of Leominster, Mass., closed the factory.

Even a plastic surgeon can’t save this “flamingo”
12/24/2007 by Grant Boxleitner
FORT MYERS: A bizarre crime scene attracted a lot of attention on Christmas Eve in a south Fort Myers neighborhood. The victim, a fake flamingo, never had a chance. Read More…

A stroll through a moving city
Front Page, Dec, 28, 2007
Say what you want about Leominster, but one thing is for certain: It is a community that does not sit still. Read More…