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Lawn Greetings Month

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Prior to April 1st, 2008

April Fool’s kicks off Lawn Greetings Month

Fremont, OH, April 1, 2008- President/Executor Michelle Reed of the Lawn Greetings Association, Inc. (LGA) announced today a declaration that April be considered as “Lawn Greetings Month”. The purpose of Lawn Greetings Month is not only to promote awareness of the industry to the general public, but to help bring smiles to those who are celebrating a special occasion or event.

The lawn greetings industry can be defined as small local businesses which help their customers celebrate various special occasions and events by renting displays that are set up in a recipient’s yard. The displays vary greatly from giant wooden character signs and small “critter” signs, as they are referred to in the industry, to a wide array of elements for decorating a front yard such as 3 dimensional plastic or 2 dimensional, flat wood and coroplast characters and shapes.

Every business is independently owned and operated, unless a company is part of a franchise or dealership. Therefore, terms, prices and inventory vary greatly. However, they all have one common goal in their business, similar to the effects of an April Fools Day gag….. They surprise people by putting out-of-the-ordinary items right in the middle of their yards for everyone to see. These items could include anything from a yard full of plastic pink flamingos to smiley faces, to plastic cows, ducks, buzzards, or even hearts, stars or other funny characters.

Reed states that she and members of the industry are very excited to declare their first holiday. “This is a stepping stone in gaining national exposure and awareness of the industry. We all love to help people celebrate the special moments in their life, and a lawn greetings display is a unique and fun way to do it.” As a part of this celebration, lawn greetings companies across the nation will be putting out displays in honor of this milestone event, most are guaranteed to make you smile.

Association members are also planning on celebrating another national holiday based on the creator of the original Plastic Pink Flamingo, Mr. Don Featherstone. In the birthplace and home to Featherstone, (Leominster, MA) Mayor Dean Mazzarella declared June 23 as Pink Flamingo Day. On this day, lawn greetings company owners across the country plan on setting out pink flamingo displays in honor of the pink lawn ornament.

“I just love the idea that all across the states, people will randomly see yards full of pink flamingos, all in tribute to Don Featherstone. It will be a hoot!” Reed states.

The LGA is the leading authority and only non-profit trade association of the lawn greetings industry which consists of members from across the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, England, and New Zealand. For more information, visit the Lawn Greetings Association, Inc. on the web at http://www.Lawn-Greetings.com or to find your local Lawn Greetings Company visit The Flamingoed Lawn Greetings Directory at http://www.flamingoed.com