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Flamingo Flockers Unite!!
Launch of Lawn Greetings Association, Inc., a Non-Profit Trade Association

Fremont, OH — January 10th, 2008 – President/Executor Michelle Reed of the Lawn Greetings Association, Inc. (LGA) announces the transition of the Lawn Greetings Business Owners Forum to the first and only Non-Profit Trade Association for the Lawn Greetings Industry.

Reed states that “this formation illustrates that the Lawn Greetings Industry has turned more from being a hobby to that of a recognizable and profitable industry and needs to standardize.” Reed further states that the mission of the Association is “to support the development of the commercial lawn greetings industry through a variety of means, including market development, voluntary adherence to a Code of Ethics, research, and to promote awareness of and build community with the lawn greetings industry worldwide through a network of reputable lawn greetings companies.”

The Lawn Greetings industry is defined as small businesses which help their customers celebrate various occasions and events by renting displays that are set up in a recipient’s yard. The displays vary greatly from giant wooden character signs and small “critter” signs, as they are referred to in the industry, to a wide array of elements for decorating a front yard such as 3D plastic or 2D wood and coroplast characters/shapes that include from the most popular, plastic pink flamingos, to the more obscure, plastic cows or over the hill themes, to the more traditional, stork signs for announcing births.

Beginning as an online forum group, several industry business owners congregated to “talk shop” about their experiences with owning such a business. They often discussed topics such as general small / home business concepts, where to purchase materials, how to construct their inventory, customer relations, marketing for the industry, and personal chit-chat.

Today, the LGA is the leading authority of the lawn greetings industry and consists of over 1000 subscribed members from across the US, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Australia, England, and New Zealand. Many “newbies” state that the business owner’s forum is a wonderful resource and that the individual posts have helped them start their own lawn greetings business. Members of the business owner’s forum have been known to start many industry trends, and the talent among the group is often shared with one another in many forms.

Reed is very excited and states that “it has taken approximately 3 years to get to this point. All of our hard work is being paid off and returned to our members, because if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have the need to congregate and grow. We have a lot in store for the future and hope to continue to be the best resource for everything involving the Lawn Greetings industry.”



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