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The Lawn Greetings industry can be defined as small businesses which help their customers celebrate various occasions and events by renting displays that are set up in the recipient’s yards. The displays vary greatly from giant wooden character signs, to small “critter” signs, to a wide array of elements decorating a front yard. Generally you have 2 specific categories for lawn greetings; all occasion displays and the stork display.

Every business is independently owned and operated, unless a company is part of a franchise or dealership. Therefore, terms, prices and inventory vary greatly. There are many competitors among the more local memberships. Some have no competition while others find themselves battling hard with their competitor.

The biggest issue among our members is protecting “trade secrets” and sign designs. The internet makes it easy for one to copy off another and members are finding it increasingly difficult to protect their copyrights and trade secrets. This is one area where the LGA comes into play. We do not have any authority of policing individual rights; however, we will offer education on how to protect those rights. We are collecting a database of resource information on small business management and legalities of business ownership.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote awareness of and build community within, the lawn greetings industry worldwide, through a network of reputable lawn greeting companies.

The specific purpose of the Lawn Greetings Association, Inc., is to support growth and development of the commercial lawn greetings industry through a variety of means, including market development, voluntary adherence to a Code of Ethics, research, etc.