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Flamingo Finder

Have no idea where to find a Plastic Pink Flamingo???

Try garage sales, yard sales, estate auctions, lawn & garden stores or store liquidators.

There have been some spotted for sale at some Target Store Locations.

Plastic pink flamingos are hard to find lately (Since Union Products went out of business). We thought we would list some links to where to find some of our little pink friends. Below are two lists, Flamingo Rod Friendly and Other Flamingos. We will be updating the list on occasion.To report a broken link or if you wish to be listed or know someone who could be listed, please submit their link to us at admin@lawn-greetings.com. Good luck!


The Leominster Flamingo Company

Party Supplies and Joke Items Store
Ebay Flamingo Listings
Off the Deep End
Kites Tails & Toys
Jeriles Wholesale <—recommended


A 1 stop Party Novelty Shop
Nextag Comparison Shopping
Outdoor Wood Furniture
Uptown Flamingo

General Plastic Pink Flamingo Links

The Pink Flamingo As American Icon
RIP: Pink Flamingo 1957-2006
History of the Plastic Flamingo
Pink plastic flamingo flies off into the sunset
The Plastic Fantastic Flamingo
MSNBC Article
Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornament Reborn
So tacky, yet so cool
What is a lawn flamingo?
The Pink Flamingo at 40

Are you a Plastic Flamingo Provider?

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