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Pink Flamingo Day

Help us set a world record for Pink Flamingo Day!!

Photo Courtesy of Yard Card Surprise

Our group wishes to set a new record for the Most Pink Flamingo displays set out in one day. This accomplishment will be from lawn greetings business owners and other interested parties from across the entire United States and Canada and anywhere else in the world! This is in celebration of Pink Flamingo Day, June 23rd, as declared by Leominster, MA Mayor Dean Mazzaralla in honor of Don Featherstone, creator of the original Plastic Pink Flamingo.

Sponsoring this event is the Lawn Greetings Association (lawn-greetings.com), a trade association of lawn greetings business owners who often use Plastic Pink Flamingos in their business. We are going to pay tribute to creator Don Featherstone, as well as to promote awareness of our industry and pink flamingo lawn ornaments. In 2006, the company that produced these flamingos, Union Products, went out of business, which means that the original Don Featherstone plastic pink flamingo will never be made again, though there have been other generic versions.

To participate, just set up a display of a minimum of 4 pink flamingos in a yard with a sign that says, “Celebrating Pink Flamingo Day! PinkFlamingoDay.com” and take a photo of it. We will also accept a short video file in .avi format.  Email your photos to admin@lawn-greetings.com along with your name, contact information and location of the display.  The display needs to be placed in the yard by 9am and can not be taken down until 9pm the same night.

Our mission:
to set a World Record for the
Most Pink Flamingo & Lawn Greetings Displays
across the World
on Pink Flamingo Day, June 23rd, 2008

We will be sponsored by the Lawn Greetings Association, Inc., a non-profit trade association for lawn greetings business owners and those interested in the industry.

We will provide printed materials to be distributed by those interested or those participating. We will provide website graphics and a website (pinkflamingoday.com). Our goal is a grass roots effort to send a pre-written press release to as many local and national news mediums as possible including newspapers, radio, tv and website promotions. We will try to reach every major media outlet in each of the 50 United States and Canada where we have participants, however, whatever help you can provide with this will further publicize our event. We will make an effort to be picked up by Media syndicates such as the Associated Press and similar services. In areas where participants will set up their displays, we will coach them on contacting their own local media and other organizations to become affiliated with this event.

We encourage participants to host a party or gathering for this event, we will provide necessary promotional material to aid them in their efforts.

Part of our effort to set this world record is to honor the creator of the pink flamingo, Don Featherstone. Another part of our mission is to raise awareness of our lawn greetings industry, hosted by the Lawn Greetings Association, Inc. Although we are not considered a charity, we are a non-profit trade association that wishes to let everyone know that we are out there to provide a fun and exciting service, to help you celebrate your special occasion by setting up a lawn greetings display in your recipients yard. Most popular of these displays is a Flamingo Flocking, therefore we chose this event based on Pink Flamingo Day.

Brought to you by members of the Lawn Greetings Business Owners Forum.
Sponsored by the Lawn Greetings Association, Inc.