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Membership and Forum Rules

1) Do not spam the forum. Irrelevant posts and links will be removed without notice. Industry-specific advertising posted anywhere but the Commercial Forum will be removed without notice.

2) Although we encourage general chit chat so that members feel welcomed and friendly, we ask that you keep certain hot topics to a bare minimum. ie: political issues, adult-content, etc. Let’s keep it clean and professional for the most part.

3) Play nice. Don’t attack other members if you don’t agree with them. Opinions are welcome- insults and flames will be removed or edited at the disgretion of the LGA.

4) If you have a complaint with a specific company, you need to take it up with them directly. If you feel a company is taking advantage of our industry and you want to post your experience, please be aware that you must have your contact info in your profile, including a valid email address and EITHER a website or a business phone number where you may be contacted. Anonymous complaints will be removed. If you feel you must name names and tell the entire story, you should publish it on your own website and link to it from here. That way, you can say anything you like and take full responsibility for it. It must be your own site with your contact information available- linking to a third party site or other anonymous site with complaints is not allowed and the post will be removed.

5) If you have a complementary service you wish to discuss (concessions, insurance, professional services) relative to a specific request for info, feel free to do so. Helpful posts are always welcome. Advertisements for your business are only allowed in the Vendor Forum. You may have ONE thread for your company in the Vendor Forum… please post future updates in the same thread.

6) Remember many sections of this board are public. Anyone with an internet connection and a browser can read your posts. That includes potential customers! You are responsible for anything you write on this board.

7) This board is indexed by the major search engines. It is possible that someone searching specifically for your company could find a post here. If you don’t want that to happen, don’t use your company name as your UserID and don’t put a link to your site in your profile.

8) Do not post affiliate codes or links without prior approval. LGA administrators may post affiliate links and may change any affiliate links posted to the official LGA affiliate code.

9) We reserve the right to remove or edit any posts that are not appropriate to the theme and tone of this forum. We also reserve the right to delete any thread or post that the ILGA feels is misleading or in direct violation of forum rules.

10) Posts questioning the moderator’s ability to moderate or complaining about removed posts will be deleted without notice. If you have a question about why something was removed or edited, re-read the forum rules. If you still have questions, PM or email a Moderator for clarification.

11) Members are not allowed to use the board’s software (Private Message and Email features) to promote any products, services, or forums without authorization.

12) Posting comments or messages from a 3rd party without their permission of consent is a violation of our terms and will be deleted, and is not arguable or open to appeals.

13) It is strongly encouraged that if a flame war is started on the forum, and then appears to die out, you do NOT post again to keep it going. If you feel the need to vent about an issue, please do so offline or contact a Board Member. Keeping a conflict active only makes you look bad, please use your best judgment in preventing flaming wars. Any accusations made against another member of the forum must be dealt with delicately. Use of the term, “allegedly” is strongly encouraged to prevent any libelous or slanderous behavior.

Hearsay and making false accusations are strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will be grounds for post deletion and possible moderation.

Request for Thread or Account Deletion:
When you joined the LGA forums and clicked that “I Agree” button, you granted us publishing rights to the work you decide to post. You own the copyright, but submitting it to a forum gives us the nonexclusive right to publish it in perpetuity.

Nonexclusive means you can publish anywhere else you like, including your own web site or other forums or even in an off-line book or magazine.

In perpetuity means there is no implied or explicit time limit on our right to publish it. As long as the forum exists, your posts will remain a part of it.

Of equal importance to the publishing rights granted is the open invitation issued. When you post to a forum you are implicitly asking all of the other Members of the community to comment. The instant someone accepts that invitation and posts a reply to your work, the thread becomes a collaborative effort. You still own your material and, as far as the ILGA is concerned, always will. You do not, however, own the thread within which you decided to post it. The thread belongs to everyone.

Occasionally, we get requests from Members who want to have all their posts deleted. About 99 percent of the time these come from disgruntled people who’ve decided they don’t like the rules they originally agreed to follow.

There are two problems with mass deletion of posts.

First, they take a lot of time. The only reliable and safe way to do it is on a forum-by-forum basis, and we have a LOT of forums.

Second, and far more importantly, deleting a thread doesn’t just remove the originating post, but also removes all of the comments. The people who replied to the thread, investing their time and good will, find their efforts unappreciated and unvalued by the very person who invited them to participate.

We are under no obligation to remove anything you decided to post and in most cases, we won’t. On the infrequent occasion we decide to comply out of courtesy, it will be done as time allows and under the stipulation that you NEVER make another post at the LGA. We have to assume if you ask once, you’ll just ask again later, and the easiest way to forestall that is simply to insure there’s never anything to delete again.

Publishing on the Internet isn’t greatly different from publishing in the real world. You can’t expect a book or magazine publisher to recall your work after it’s gone to the printers. What you say in real life can’t simply be unsaid. Decisions made are decisions you will live with the rest of your life.

Although we do not like to hinder anyone from publically posting on our forum, due to an influx of forum violations, we will be implementing a “3 Strikes to Moderation” Policy for those who continually choose to not follow our forum rules. After 3 warnings of breaking these rules, a member’s account will be put on moderation until either the drama subsides or indefinitely, depending on a case by case basis.

Think before you post and make darn sure you can be as proud of your words in five years as you were when you wrote them. You are creating a legacy and should treat it as such.

**Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents and violation of those rights can be confusing, please educate yourself on them. It is the responsibility of the Rights owner to enforce any violations. It is also the individuals responsibility to investigate these laws or to consult an attorney.

The LGA cannot, nor will not, police these rights, but can offer resource information on the subject. The LGA has NO LEGAL AUTHORITY, nor claims any authority, and cannot accept any responsibility over any individuals actions.