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Member Benefits

Member Benefits

The LGA will continue to work towards collecting a vast array of benefits for its membership.  Below is a current list of benefits that the LGA will be working to implement, most are already available for use.

Continued full access to the online forum
– Paid members will have the same access as normal, in addition to access to the special topic areas which are accessible to those members only.

Premier Placement of the Flamingoed Directory
– Member listings will have higher placement than non-member companies.
– Members will have “member recognition” next to their listing.

Future National Press Release System
– Proprietary press release software will allow the LGA to send out national press releases to all forms of media—local contact information will be included on each press release.
– Each member will be able to send out pre-written, local press releases from the software, eliminating the need to hire or write a member’s own press release.
The Value of Press Releases
It takes continuous press releases with news-worthy information to find the attention of your local media. Finding reasons to send out press releases is important, along with having a well-written press release. This will assist in educating your public.

Members-Only Newsletter
– Get industry tips & articles from this exclusive newsletter.
– Stay in touch with industry trends.
– Vendor sales & special.
Industry Articles & Information Are Invaluable To Grow Your Business!
Where else will you learn about new suppliers, new methods, and other information that is only pertinent to this unique industry?? There is no other lawn greetings association that offers the high level of value to its members.

Industry Statistics
– See how the rest of the industry is doing in comparison on a variety of issues.  We collect data from lawn greeting business owners anonymously to ensure as much accuracy as possible.
– Ever wondered how many rentals a month others are doing?
– Ever wondered how many others are making this a full time income?
– Wouldn’t you like to know what is the most rented critter?
– Learn about business averages to help you plan your own business

Phrase Database
– Access to a growing database of captions & phrases for the most popular & even obscure displays.

– Learn “How-To’s* on various topics. The LGA is working to collect and provide tutorials to its members on topics ranging from “How to post photos on the forum”, to “How to stake critters” and more!

Resource Library
– Access to an enormous amount of information including vendor sources, periodicals, links to podcasts, business articles and more!

Association Seal
– Use the association logo to help gain credibility for your business.
– Place the LGA “Proud Member” logo banner on your website so customers can see you belong to an international trade association.

Preferred Vendor’s List
– Exclusive access to a list of vendor’s to the industry in one convenient location.

Extended Memberships, Affiliate Partnerships and Vendor Discounts
– Includes access to our FunExpress.com account
– Access to GraphicsFactory.com
– Discount membership to ProPay.com
– Discounts on merchandise through PartyPro.com
– Discounts on items through FlamingoFactory.com
– More to come as we develop!