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Membership Information

Although membership to our Lawn Greetings Business Owners Forum is free to the public, we offer a Paid Membership to business owners and vendors to the industry for an annual fee of $75.

The Key to our Association’s Success is to secure memberships of business owners in the lawn greetings industry, help them network in a community of similarly interested individuals, offer a list of benefits that will aid to the growth of our members businesses, while increasing the awareness of the industry to the general public.

In order to do this, we will:

  • Maintain regular contact with our members via our online forum
  • Work towards a marketing plan to promote awareness of the industry
  • Guard our “trade secrets” exclusively for our paid members
  • Continue to grow our relationships with our selected vendors
  • Work towards offering vendor discounts and other benefits to our paid members
  • Through education by instruction and example, we will help our members run their business efficiently with integrity and high business ethics
  • Offer a high ranking online directory as a leading resource for their customers to be able to find them
  • Offer access to our Paid Members Only forum
  • Offer a subscription to our exclusive newsletter
  • Provide official member status and rights of use of our seal and logo
  • Offer special “how-to” tutorials
  • Work towards building personalized target marketing/promotional materials and templates
  • Reveal exclusive discounts from our selection of vendors for your inventory and supplies
  • Offer exclusive discounts or specials on insurance premiums (if available in your area)
  • Provide free and full support of benefits and member rules and regulations
  • Frontline updates on industry styles, and events
  • Collaborate with advice and suggestions for various business issues
  • Provide official membership graphics
  • Make available an online store to purchase items such as t-shirts, stickers, etc
  • Work towards providing a Start-up Kit with basic industry guidelines and small business tips
  • Provide access to our growing database of phrases and sign ideas
  • Supply an increasing list of vendors
  • Inform of invitations and discounted access to future conventions and trade shows
  • Include information on all international celebration events, such as Official Lawn Greeting Month and Pink Flamingo Day
  • Maintain anonymity and individuality within our network of lawn greeters
  • Provide international backing and support from the Lawn Greetings network
  • Give our guarantee to continue growth within the Association and Industry

Thank you for supporting the LGA!