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What’s a New Baby Stork Announcement?

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Reed (LGA)

A new baby stork announcement is a wonderful way to announce a new baby to the world. A 6 to 8 foot stork holds a customized plaque with baby’s name, birth date, and weight/length. It’s a beautiful and fun way to let the world know about a new member of the family. Other characters such as a large baby, moon, teddy bear, rubber ducky and many others can be used to announce the birth of a child.

Photo Courtesy of Special Delivery 4 U LLC

Stork Lawn Greetings can, in fact, alert the neighbors to be more aware, much like Neighborhood Watch signs or Baby on Board emblems on vehicles. Neighbors often know when a family is expecting a child; a birth announcement in their yard alerts the neighbors when the child arrives so those neighbors can keep an extra eye out for the family.

Photo Courtesy of Yard Card Surprise