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Lawn Greetings Month

Celebrate April with a Lawn Greeting and help to spread smiles across the world!

The Lawn Greetings Association declares
April as Lawn Greetings Month.

The purpose of Lawn Greetings Month is not only to promote awareness of the industry to the general public, but to help bring smiles to those who are celebrating a special occasion or event. Members in the lawn greetings industry celebrate this month by setting out special displays to surprise their recipient.

Be a part of a growing trend! To learn more about our community, please visit www.Lawn-Greetings.com.

The latest studies show that:

~~Mailed cards will be thrown away.
~~Flowers wilt and die.
~~You think you found the perfect gift, but they end up returning it to the store.
~~Most people have no idea what to get someone for their special occasion.
~~You want to get them something big, fun, unusual and something they will remember for decades!

Other elements of a lawn greetings could include anything from a flock of pink flamingos, to a herd of cows, a flock of buzzards, yard full of smiley faces, hearts, stars or just about anything you can think of!

Want to secretly get someone back as an act of revenge?

Contact a company to fill a yard full of critters and lawn decorations and hear how they are wondering who sent it to them!

Think you don’t have a reason to celebrate?

Check out the Earth Calendar and BrownieLocks Holiday Calendar to view different celebrations and some history on them for nearly every day of the year!

For those who wish to order a yard card lawn greeting in the area, please visit the Lawn Greetings Directory at www.Flamingoed.com or www.RentAFlock.com

– Attention Lawn Greetings Business Owners –

Email your photos to admin@lawn-greetings.com to get them on this website!