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  1. I love the new look! Great job!
  2. Yes, that's exactly what it's for. It's not really worth it just to deal with damage to signs but if someone sues because they tripped over a stake or if somehow we damaged their property... that cost could be astronomical and the general liability would cover that.
  3. Great commercials! Karla
  4. Awesome!! Karla
  5. Thanks for both responses. I finally found a general liability policy with AllState that also covers replacement. Believe it or not, not all policies cover replacement of your signs, cutter, computer, etc. due to theft or destruction. So I chose Allstate. It costs $500 for 1 Million in coverage (seems like overkill to me ) but the others weren't that much cheaper...$425 without replacement. But if anyone finds or has equivalent coverage but a cheaper price, please let me know and I will grab them next year. Karla
  6. Very clever and very cute! Thanks for sharing! Karla
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm looking to buy general liability insurance but not many places know about our business especially in California and I'm having a hard time getting a quote. Does anyone have any recommendations? Around how much does it cost per year? Do you think it's necessary? Any advice you give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Karla
  8. Thanks so much for your helpful replies. I was one of the many people asking how has the economy effected sales. I'm just about ready to launch my business and was getting last minute nerves because I saw several ads selling their business. I am now very encouraged because I am definitely up for hard work and have great products. Thanks again!! Karla
  9. Wow! I hadn't even thought about yard size making a difference. So for me, going double-sided is definitely the way to go. Thanks so much for your input. Karla
  10. Thanks Janice, I think I'm going to bite the bullet and do everything double-sided as well. Karla
  11. Thanks Jane! Karla
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm almost ready to make my large character signs and wanted to know if anyone use double-sided signs? It seems to be a nice feature to be able to see the signs from the house window as well as the street. But is it worth the extra cost? Has anyone who can't use both sides due to staking methods ever hear complaints or comments that they wish the signs were double-sided? I'd appreciate any advice you can offer. BTW, I'm using MDO and able to use both sides. Thanks! Karla
  13. Thank you all for responding. That really helps. Karla
  14. I've heard from several people that there is a concern by many people about announcing their new baby's arrival in the yard. Is that true? Is this having a negative effect on your sales? Or is there always a population of people that are concerned about or dislike having yard cards in general? I'm asking so I know how to set up my new business and what areas I should focus on first. For example, if birth announcements are not good sellers then I'll start with all occasion displays first. I'd really appreciate your opinions on the matter. Thanks! Karla
  15. Terrific! The music was a perfect choice. Karla