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  1. Doing a baby expo Saturday and want our booth to look great! Any of you done any and have some pictures to share? Thinking I'm bringing a stork and a birthday set up but that will not be enough.
  2. I noticed they said 18x24 on most of the signs and thought that was a little big but gave it a shot for only $2.20! Yes the signs are one sided but that is all I use anyway. Local companies want between $9 and $14 each to make me coroplast signs.
  3. I found this website with some pretty cheap stock items that us flockers can use. I just made an order and the people were super great to deal with. This is the link to the stock items page... I told them I would send some people their way so tell them Rachelle with Say It With A Sign sent ya. Rachelle
  4. A fellow flocker made her own happy birthday sign that I loved. I am too lazy to make my own so I had a local sign company make one very simular. I am going to offer it as a deluxe flock for only $10 more than a regular flock and add some other signs to fill the yard. I think it came out super cute!
  5. I don't know what else to do.... When I deliver a stork or a flock I leave behind a half page faq card. It says Congrats on your new baby or You have been flocked with a date that it will be picked up. It also details some basic info about not cutting your grass around the signs and NOT to move the signs (and I will charge for damage). Customers are still moving the flocks around, even the large signs and storks and damaging the signs with the weedeaters. Also, how can we stop customers from keeping one of the little signs especially since I can't replace some since they were from Flamingo factory. Do you guys have any tips or ideas about how we can stop these things? Thanks, Rachelle Say It With A Sign LA
  6. I guess I should have added I am using the graduation smiley type flock. Wonder how I can tweek it?
  7. I have an order for a pharmacist who is graduating. I need a phrase by the 29th. Any of you have ideas?
  8. I do a $35.00 baby shower rental but charge my regular delivery rates...if I do a shower pretty far away, I try to make a day trip to that town and have some fun. I usually end up spending what I make but it dosen't really matter.
  9. I need a stork rental in Gallatin TN asap. Rachelle 504-487-7574
  10. I am looking to flock my uncle in Chattanooga and can not find a company. Help me! Rachelle
  11. Got an email that flamingo factory is reopened.
  12. Are you looking to sell locally or sell inventory and ship it? Let me know! Rachelle
  13. Thanks for all the tips. I did call the homeowner (I had her number because she called to tell me she moved the signs). She was happy to pay for the damaged and missing sign, I did not overcharge her. I have had damage before and not charged for the signs but in this case I had a bad feeling beforehand and called the customer. I was assured that the dog would not reach them! My main concern was that I had that display going back out this morning and had very little time to replace the damaged signs. Luckily I had some other pink flamingo signs that I had not put on coro yet and was able to get those done last night. I made several because they were a different design and now I will just mix the two. Thanks again for the help and input! Rachelle
  14. This is on my website under cutting the grass... If you mow your yard during the sign rental period, PLEASE be careful around the sign and sibling signs. Please avoid trimming close to the base of the signs and using a blower around them, it will damage the signs! Because of continued misuse, we will be charging a fee to replace or repair any damaged signs. We really appreciate you taking care of our signs so others can enjoy them too. The customer said she would pay for damages, but I am not sure how to charge her.
  15. Ok, do you guys charge your customers for damage caused by them or a pet? Hubby went to pick up a flock and one small flamingo is missing and several others are chewed by a dog. I know this is the owners dog because I called after setting up the flock to see if the dog would mess with them. The dog is allowed to come out of the fence into the front yard. They said they would move the signs away from the dog area (she had an electric fence). The person who was flocked called me last night to tell me they had moved the signs into the garage and never once mentioned the damage. This same flock is due to go out again on Wed, and now I have to replace the damaged signs. Do you charge the customer and what do you charge? The company I ordered them from is no longer in business and I can not replace them with the same signs. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Rachelle