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  1. I have 7" MDO stork display. what is the best way for me to set up my sign. is their anyone who has videos on how they do it. any ideas would be appreciated
  2. Would the insurance you have as a sole prop. cover you if someone did hurt themselves?
  3. I'd like to see what material you recommend for your sign. Coroplast? wood? Sentra? MDO?
  4. I am trying to choose a name for my sign rental business. I am starting off with storks so I want stork in the name so I can be found on an internet search engine. But doing my research I see a lot of "stork" companies, so I thought I should add something to it so make me stand out and be remembered. do any of you have advice on how you came to the name of your co's.
  5. I know that this question has been asked but I have expanded this question. I am trying to decide between an llc and a sole prop. i do not have a concern about the debt liability but I am concerned about getting sued lets say if the sign falls and injures someone. Should I start an LLC for that reason or will a general liability insurance or any other type of insurance as a sole prop protect me? Thanks in advance