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  1. Plastic mold COWS, PIGS, DINOSAURS, ICE CREAM CONES, TEDDY BEARS, CHICKENS, ROOSTERS Other items: Graduation Caps, Stars, Bones, Baseballs A-frame signs Please call: 516-455-6265 or e-mail at
  2. Sorry to say but Laughing Lawns Inc. is closing. Anyone interested in purchasing business or supplies please do not hestiate to contact me at 516-455-6265. Thanks. Maria
  3. Hi Janice: I would interested in some cows. Also, I'm looking for cow rods, can you help or anyone else? Thanks. Maria Laughing Lawns, LLC
  4. Hi Janice, it's me Barbara from Laughing Lawns in NY. Was wondering if you still have any goats, sheep and geese available for sale? Let me know. Thanks! Hope all is well