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  1. Free signs to family, friends, co-workers, businesses that will let you leave cards ..... Anyone else you can think of? Let them know that the free offer is only for a short time!
  2. Dead link.
  3. Jeanie65 has made 2 posts in which they both purport the same thing against good people here. I smell TROLL!
  4. Can you give some specifics on which pen you used? Seems like a great idea!
  5. If I had the money, I would do it. I am just starting over again in a new town and don't have the funds. Pre-LGA days, Scottie had a deal with someone that it was around $150/year for just yard cards. Not sure what it would be now but anything over $500 would be too much. If you are going to pick them up each day and in bad weather, the risk is really low.
  6. Welcome! Lots of information here to start off with. As already stated, just ask and we will respond. Let us know where you are with beginning this new business and maybe we can offer some suggestions on where to go next. The more detailed you are, the more we can help with.
  7. I think it's Mike's Birthday!
  8. I decided to use a smiley face. It keeps an upbeat message. I like the favicon for the forum here but couldn't bring myself to copy it. I like my smiley favicon and I don't think anyone else will be using it.
  9. I have about 12 - 15 3D elephants (with stakes) for sale and around 10 3D cats for sale. The cats are in rough shape and need to be touched up with some fresh paint but since they are rare... Let me know what they are worth to you and we can possibly work something out. Just getting back into the business with my old stock except for vinyl. This sale is to raise some start up capital.
  10. I see one on this website in my address bar so it must be important. I am trying to go screen by screen in Atahualpa to design my website. Slow process to learn to do it and not just throw something up. One of the options is to use a cookie cutter one or upload one. Anyone have one they are willing to share or hints at creating one?
  11. I was thinking of trying Groupon or Living Social but think they might overwhelm my small business. Anyone in our industry try social marketing/couponing?
  12. Looking to see if anyone has a pink flamingo picture with either a white background or the flamingo is already cut out. I am trying to use for my logo design and was hoping someone had already done the work before I put a few hours into taking out the background of a picture I took. HELP!
  13. Thanks for posting this! I was able to get a "CARD" (2273) ending for my area because of it. I was wondering how to pick a number with a mobile phone. This worked perfect. I already bought a "greeting" website but will be changing that to "card" for a relatively cheap price. Old dogs learn new tricks!
  14. On the old forum, there was a DIY Sign Board thread from which I built a few sign boards. I built it off of one certain type of letter that I have long forgotten where they came from. Since then, I've gone through a divorce and no longer have the letters but I have everything else from the business. Looking for letters so that I can get back into business. I remember someone posting something about some type of material that was not a plexiglass type of substrate. Looking for letters that are very flexible since I did not get things very straight. If anyone knows where to find flexible letters, I would appreciate the help!
  15. I made "IT'S A BOY!" and "IT'S A GIRL!" by hand and recommend going with a scroll saw if you have access to a large one. I took and cut the letters out on my vinyl cutter and then applied them to a 4' x 8' sheet of white coroplast, blue for boys, and pink for the girls. I then used a knife to cut out the letters. I have also used yellow coroplast and an overhead projector to cut out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!". It can be done if you have the time. If you don't have the time, buy them. Good luck!