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  1. I'm a friendly and helpful person and I've always been very willing to help new owners. However, I have been receiving numerous emails to my business email asking for detailed instructions on running a new business, sign making, staking signs, how to make signs, where to buy supplies, how much everything costs, etc all under the pretense of wanting to purchase something from me. As I mentioned, I am very willing to help people but I am not pleased with people who falsely represent themselves. This forum was set up and is maintained by very generous people to answer questions and is the best place for answers.
  2. Sorry to hear that you are leaving the business. I always liked your website and thought that you had nice displays.
  3. Do you have a question about the letters DreaMaker? I'd be happy to answer any questions that you might have.
  4. I have recently received around 8 emails and personal conversations, in the last 2 weeks, from people in who want to start a lawn greeting business and even some who have been in the business for a while asking for advice. Some have asked how I am doing in the current economy. So…since this is such a popular topic is my post on the topic. First, I would like to make it clear that I do not consider myself an expert. There are many people who have been in this business for many more years than I have and are very successful and have much more knowledge. I am doing well in spite of economy but I know many companies are struggling or are feeling the effects of a poor economy. I think a variety of companies in the US are feeling the same struggles. My first suggestion would be to post the question that you've asked me on an open forum. This way you can get answers from many people. My opinion is that this business is like any other get out of it what you put into it. Like any other business, you have to have a good product and you have to have good business practices. When I say have a good product...Look at the signs that you are selling and ask yourself if you would rent them? Is your display worth what you are asking? Quality does count. By business practices I mean....Many people think that all they have to do is have a product and it will sell itself. Not have to advertise so that people know about your business or are reminded that it exists. Look at Coke and Pepsi; everyone knows they exist but they spend millions on advertising to stay on top. Advertising comes in many forms. Research advertising practices and find the right one for your area and your product. Also, you need good customer service. I am proud to say that we offer great customer service. Our reviews and face-to-face responses show that not only are people happy with our lawn displays but we've received many compliments about our friendliness. As I mentioned in the beginning…It’s all what you put into it.
  5. I have several new in box Pronto Changeable Letter Sets. These are the higher quality letters, printed on opaque white acrylic, not the flimsy blow away type. They are 3 inch letters on 3 7/8 backgrounds. The boxes were opened to determine what was inside but I checked and personally counted each and every letter to ensure that the sets are complete. These sets normally sell for over $80 but I am offering them for only $20 a box. The following are the quantities in each box (more than the standard 100 count kit, 168 total): A - 8, B - 4, C - 6, D - 4, E - 8, F - 4, G - 4, F - 4, G - 4, H - 4, I - 8, J - 4, K - 4, L - 6, M - 4, N - 6, O - 8, P - 4, Q - 2, R - 8, S - 8, T - 8, U - 4, V - 4, V - 4, W - 4, X - 2, Y - 4, Z - 2. Numbers 1 - 9 have 2 each and 0 (zero) has 3. There are also several symbols. The following are the sets that are available: Black letters with red numbers and symbols Blue letters with blue numbers and symbols Red letters with red numbers and symbols We only charge actual shipping, no handling costs. Please email us at if you are interested.
  6. All of the pigs have sold. We only have ostrich and a few elephants left.
  7. All Dinosaurs have been sold! Enjoy!
  8. We are down to our last 20 used blow mold dinosaurs at only $5.00 each. Thank you to all who bought them. Don't miss out on the opportunity to have a new display for only $100! You'll get a 3D dinosaur display which is less than buying a 2D coroplast display that costs $150 and up. Since it is our busy graduation season, please contact us at and we will get back to you within 24 hrs.
  9. I came across a sale of used 3D dinosaurs from someone who was going to go into the lawn greeting business but never did due to health reasons. Since I have more than I can use, I'd like to offer them to the lawn greeting community at a fantastic price. They are in very good to excellent condition (some look new) with no breaks, cracks or damage. Some have stakes and others do not. Used 3D Dinos - $5.00 each These popular 3D items are commonly used in many lawn greeting businesses. They can be used for childrens and over the hill displays. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to purchase 3D items that are no longer made. contact us at or 845-380-5583
  10. I currently only have one sided signs and have never had anyone complain or ask for 2 sided. Most of the properties where I live have large yards so 2 sides isn't really necessary. I also offer 3D critters, which of course are great viewed from any angle. But....any new signs that I add to my business will be 2 sided because I like them better. I think they are a nice bonus for the homeowners if they have small yards.
  11. Welcome to the lawn greeting business! Several lawn greeting companies still offer 3D critters, myself included. My customers actually prefer them over the 2 dimensional signs. I currently have displays with dinosaurs, cows, hearts, bears, pigs, bears and tombstones with buzzards and I am updating my selection to include hares and elephants, penguins, flamingos and polar bears. I have large signs that coordinate with the 3 D critters and I mix them with 2 D coroplast signs too. I bought my 3D critters from 2 companies that went out of business due to a death in the family or had other family issues but have also supplemented my stock with from ads here. There really is no right or wrong way to run your business, some people choose to have only 2 D and some have a mixture of 3D and 2D items. Please see the personal message that I sent you. I have several 3D critters for sale.
  12. Since I use coroplast, I couldn't answer the questions about PVC but coroplast is less expensive and more readily available.
  13. Thanks everyone for answering.
  14. I was thinking about the different methods and products that each of use. I'm currently using 10 mm coroplast for my large signs. It has been working well and customers seem to like my signs. Does anyone currently use PVC (Sintra)? If you do, please share your experiences. Why did you choose this over coroplast? What are the pros and cons? Thanks
  15. All of the $7.00 candles have sold. All of the cows have sold too.