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  1. Hi Everyone! I wanted to make a formal announcement and let my fellow yard sign business owners know the BIG NEWS! Most of you may know my business Sweet-Greetings.com. We are the headquarters of over 120+ lawn sign business opportunities all across the US and Canada and offer very unique, high-quality signs as well as personalized candy bar biz opps and many other products. THE SWEET-GREETINGS.COM HEADQUARTERS IS FOR SALE! Whoever purchases Sweet Greetings will be the owner of all our copyrighted signs, marketing materials, website, business name, blog, access to our Illustrator, candy bar designs and much more. The new owner will be able to sell storks, carriages, 35+ all-occasion signs business opportunities, personalized candy bar wrapper business opportunities and our ebook all across the globe. We built Sweet Greetings from the ground up over the past 10 years and this has been an extremely hard decision to make. We still LOVE our business and it continues to be a success. I started this business so that I could work from home to be with my children. My kids are all in school now and I have been juggling Sweet Greetings along with my other business, Bryson Design. Both are doing well and I'm realize how difficult it is to put 100% effort into two different businesses - it's just not possible. My design business is just me and my design skills - there is nothing proprietary about it that can be sold. Of the two businesses Sweet Greetings is the only one that can be continued by another owner. Again, it's been a very long and hard decision, but if the right buyer comes along we will sell. If you or anyone you know would be interested in purchasing the Sweet Greetings headquarters (which can be run from anywhere in the country) please feel free to contact me. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE This is NOT for the purchase of a small localized business opportunity (although we are still offering those as well while we still own Sweet Greetings), but it is for the purchase of the entire business. We've done all the hard work over the past 10 years and this is a fantastic opportunity for someone looking to get seriously involved with selling lawn signs (you may also rent them yourself as well - just as we always have). Great full time salary potential. More details will be provided for those seriously interested in making an investment in this industry. Thank you!! Carrie Bryson Owner, Sweet-Greetings.com info@sweet-greetings.com
  2. Just wanted to quickly say "HI" to everyone!! It has been awhile since I've visited, but I look forward to catching up and reading what I've missed. Hope everyone is doing well and I can't wait to get back in touch with everyone! Carrie
  3. Time to clean out our Sweet Greetings storage room! Below is a list of overstock and slightly damaged items that are being sold at a discounted rate. Be the first to take home these great signs at a great price! Original price of each: $295-$349. Visit our blog for more details. Visit our estore for images of signs. Small pea pod (old pea pod design, 4 foot x 2 foot) - $95 Cowboy (slight error on lasso) - $95 Cowboy (very nice condition) - $225 Mermaid (old design. mint condition) - $149 Noahs Ark (nice condition) - $95 Butterfly (very nice condition) - $195 Train (wrinkle in vinyl, brand new) - $195 Train (nice condition) - $195 Tea Party (nice condition) - $195 Fireman (mint condition, overstock) - $249 Fireman (very nice condition) - $225 Pirate (mint condition, overstock) - $249 *Storks (our old style storks. well used, may need some touch ups) - $99 each **If you wanted to purchase all 22 'imperfect/overstock' signs we would offer an additional discount on top of the discounts above. If you purchase all of them, we'll knock another $200 off the cost, bringing the total down to only $2,952 for 22 signs!!! That's $7,030 worth of signs for only $2,952.... saving you $4,078! First come, first serve! Contact us at info@sweet-greetings.com or call 717-480-7632
  4. It looks like there have been some changes made to the forum. There used to be a link called "Posts since last visit" (or something like that) and it only showed the new items since the last time I was on. Is there still a link like that? Thanks!
  5. I charge the same as for a 3 day bday rental - $55. It's still just as much work, gas, time etc, so I don't reduce the rate.
  6. I marketed to local businesses: baby clothing stores, baby/childrens boutiques, party supply stores, ultrasound places, maternity stores, childrens consignment shops, pediatricians, obgyns etc. Also, having a good website and good seo helps. Best wishes!!
  7. We have online ordering, but people don't use it too much. I'd say 95% of our rentals are made over the phone. Our online form has a fill in the blank area where they put their info. If any info is missing, I give them a call. Either way I always send an email confirming everything. Here's our online ordering page... it's very basic: http://www.sweet-greetings.com/rentals/index.html
  8. I too would recommend corroplast for critters, not sintra/pvc.
  9. Thanks Anthony & Diane! It's always so nice to see you guys each time you come to pick up more signs for your business. You guys are growing a beautiful business and you are always so nice to work with as well. Thank you for the kind compliments!
  10. . . Announcing our NEWEST signs!! Here at Sweet Greetings we are always adding new products. Due to popular demand we are very excited to announce the arrival of our newest sign: The Classic Carriage This carriage comes in blue and pink As with our storks, the carriages come with an exclusive territory in which we will not sell carriages to anyone else in your territory. Two (2) Carriages & Exclusive Territory: $1089 Additional carriages: $315 each Add storks: $349 each **If you already have an exclusive territory with our storks, you do not need to purchase an additional territory. Carriages can be purchased for $315 each.
  11. SOOOO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Back when he invented the plastic yard flamingo, people probably thought he was crazy. Who'd have thought that they would be so huge! Awesome!
  12. Love the 'beach' ones!
  13. I think 9 is a great number!
  14. I love PVC. I've never had a sign "melt" and I've been doing this for almost 8 years. Of course if you leave your sign leaning up against something inside a car (vs laying flat) in the middle of summer with all the windows up for an extended period of time, it could possibly warp a tiny bit (as with most plastic things), but as long as you have it laying flat or have your windows cracked if it will be in a scorching car for an extended amount of time, then the signs will be fine. As with any material, there are pros and cons. MDO has pros & cons and PVC has pros & cons. Personally I love PVC.
  15. I too recommend MDO or PVC. My preference is PVC because it cuts nicer and there is no priming/painting. Myself and a few others offer DIY (Do It Yourself) vinyls that you can apply to your material and cut out yourself. It's a nice option. Plus you wouldn't have to pay the larger shipping fees as you would for completed signs. Good luck!