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  1. Hi Julie - the forum isn't very active anymore. Most folks have moved over to the Facebook Group. I'd suggest you post your ad there as well. Good luck to you!
  2. Hi Sweetgirl and welcome to the forum. Most people talk more regularly on the Facebook Group now, so I'd suggest you pop over there & check it out! :-)
  3. Hi Denise, we were just discussing this over on the Facebook Group... I'd suggest you pop over their & jump in the conversation.
  4. Yes, definitely Join the FB group as it is significantly more active than the forum nowadays. However, since you asked so many questions here I'll try to answer what I can. I'd say that alot of the profitability of this business rides on how large an area population wise you have to work with. If you are in a small rural area, and not a major metropolitan area, it's going to be harder to make a full-time thing of it (if that is your end-goal). How much you spend to get started all depends on your willingness/abilities to DIY - the more you can comfortably do on your own, the less you have to pay someone to make signs for you. If you feel you are not artistic/crafty/handy with tools - you'll likely want to buy pre-made signs. You mentioned your wife is artistic, so you may be interested in creating your own critters or themes, and either doing them completely on your own, or if you have the ability to digitize the images in high-resolution, you may wish to create them once, and then use on of the available digital print vendors to print full-color vinyl stickers for you to finish the signs. I think you can count on seasonal fluctuations, I myself find April to be my biggest month - though still no reason why, and I do tend to "slow down" between October & December, things start to pickup after January. I think most folks just get caught up in the holidays & don't think so much about Birthdays during that time of year. Of course that is "critter displays" my biggest month for Storks/babies is August as that is when the most babies are born around here (not sure if it's a national average) I myself am currently doing a promotion with a local radio station - I give away one free rental a week for them. They handle all the submissions & I just flock the recipient. It's been a great way for me to get those freebies out there. They contacted me after I flocked someone at the radio station. It was not my intent - his friends just did it & he liked it so much he wanted to do this promotion. So yeah, if you can find out the birthdays or special occasion of a radio or Local TV host, you can try to get in that way. I've also flocked local TV folks and have turned them down for requests to come on the show, simply because I am much to shy to do something like that. The number of displays you can do a night depends on how quickly you can work, and a great deal of that has to do with the type of landscaping you will encounter. I myself live in Arizona and our Desert landscaping can be quite difficult, it's not uncommon for a basic display to take me an hour to setup. Also, how far you have to drive to do the displays Some nights I have an hour drive just to get from Location A to Location B... I myself will not take on more than 4 rentals a night - I physically cannot do more than that without help - of which I have none. If you want to grow larger, yes you have to plan on being able to hire others to help you. I haven't gotten to that point, so I cannot give much recommendation regarding that issue. Regarding increasing income (besides doing additional displays & hiring help) is you can always offer "addons" and updsells. Offer a basic package & then Offer a premier package for more, you can also offer balloons if you are so inclined, as well as offering "keepsakes" for an additional charge. As Anthony mentioned, having an online presence is pretty much required nowadays. Get a website, (not JUST a FB page - as you don't OWN a facebook page) Get listed on as many directories as you can. Engage with your customers right from the start. I recommend using a Google Voice number that you an then forward to your cell/home. I personally don't think a 800 number is necessary anymore, as most folks have free long distance anyways. Hope some of this info helps.
  5. Hi Brian - the forum is pretty quiet nowadays, you may want to check out the Facebook Group for more regular activity.
  6. You may want to post this over on the Facebook group. You'd probably get more response. Good luck!
  7. Welcome to the forum. You will likely find more regular discussions over on the Facebook group.
  8. Jeanie, did you try to contact the owner? I'm not sure what their order and delivery process is, but for the ULGG ebook depending on what browser you use, you may get an immediate link to download, but you recieve an email with the link either way. Most customers who contact me about not recieving it, have found it in their spam folder, but some email provider may block it from coming through completely and I've had to email it to them directly.
  9. Hi Anthony, You'd probably get a better response if you hopped over & asked this question on the Facebook Group page. The forum isn't too busy nowadays, most people chat over on FB. I'm with you, I don't understand the attraction to Facebook, myspace, twitter etc. I know many folks use it well as a marketing tool, however I will say, many don't and I've had to "hide" them from my feed, because they posted CONSTANTLY about their business. Same goes with political OPINIONS, I can't stand to see that crap in my feed, so I hide them if they do it too much. To answer your question regarding FB & business, you definately don't want to create a "personal" FB page for it, they can and will shut it down. That's NOT what personal pages are for. Here's a good overview...
  10. Welcome to the forum! If you haven't already, you may want to check out the Facebook Group as it tends to be more active nowadays.
  11. Hi Erin, alot of us are still around in business, however much of the "Day to Day" chatting goes on over at the Facebook group. I'd suggest you pop over & join them! :-)
  12. Denise - Larger signs can be made of any of the 3, folks have their preferences - some like coroplast (10+ mil) for it's lightweight, however for larger than 5 ft signs you really need to go with 13 mil which can be hard to find and some people don't like the visable flutes. Sintra is lighter than wood, and has a nice smooth finish but can be quite expensive. Wood (MDO) is the heaviest option, and has to be sealed extremely well and can also be pricey. Most folks avoid wood for small critters as they would end up being really heavy considering how many we typically use in a display. Most go with either corroplast or sintra, with corroplast probably being more popular due to it being inexpensive & easy to find locally.
  13. I also started out with storks, however I do feel it limits me a bit name-wise, as I still get people who call me and ask "do you do birthdays?" because apparently they don't bother looking at the website. I always tell people to put a location in their name, either a major city or state, it appears to help with search engines and it let's folks know where you provide services. Many folks calling you will not be local to you, so most likely they won't know your small town names, our county names, so a major city name or state will help narrow it down for them. I didn't want a cutesy name just basic & straightforward - easy to spell & remember. I checked to make sure chosen name was available as a domain name before moving forward with getting a trade name and business licenses.
  14. Hi there Janice! I always suggest new companies get listed on as many directories as possible especially if you don't have a website of your own. RentAFlock Stork and Birthday Yard Signs Directory - Free Listing (My site) The Flamingoed Lawn Greetings Directory - Free Listing or Paid Premium Listings Lawn Sign Directory - Free Listing Also get listed in Google Local Business if you aren't already. Also, you may want to check out the Facebook group, as it tends to be more active than the forum nowadays with folks sharing tips and tricks and answering questions. Good luck!
  15. Hi Linda and welcome back! Not knowing what coroplast critters you have, my best renters are flamingos, tombstones, buzzards, cows... I heard the bras and cupcakes are doing really well for many, as well as the beer mugs.