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  1. oh, they reopened? did the email say who owns it now? btw, I get my cut out stars from Janice with Front Yard Friends. I was using extra coroplast to make them myself, but Janice's are so much nicer and are all uniform.
  2. awesome list Mike. thank you.
  3. cute Janice!!
  4. Wow!! I just logged in for the first time this year!! Looks AWESOME!! Thank you. Happy New Year everyone!!
  5. welcome back bernie!!
  6. Evan, The service you offered through your former company has been invaluable to me and has helped so many of us start our own businesses. I thank you for that. I have quite a few displays from your former company as evidenced by my website, which speaks to the type of business relationship we have had for 3 years. All of your work was quality (except for the purple buzzards that "Lynn" sent me with a sale that was offering discounted signs with "slight" imperfections...by gones.) When dealing with you via email, you were always professional, prompt, helpful, knowledgable, business savy and courteous. You sent me a friend request on facebook and I "liked" your former company. All seemed well and good. What I have seen as of late is certainly not the same person that I dealt with in numerous emails over the course of the 3 years of our business relationship. To be honest, it did cross my mind that "Evan" might be a mere avatar created and maintained by someone else. After the words said about your former customers, it only seems logical to me that you could possibly be a fictitious person or that you could quite possibly be bi-polar. The words weren't courteous, professional, helpful or truthful and they certainly alienated me and left me wondering if it was my first $$$ that annoyed you or the many other $$$ that continually panged you. The business savy person that I dealt with would surely be able to see why ppl are left scratching their heads about "evan".
  7. I didn't get his email so I don't really know what you are talking about. All that is besides the point. I need more biz signs. I need you to make a change to my original artwork. I'll give you a call.
  8. EVAN!!!!! WElcome BAck!!! Please give me a call at your convenience and I'll fill you in on the details of a phone conversation and a series of PMs from this a.m. which made me very confused about whether or not you took back ownership. Call me back or I can call your personal cell #. Let me know which is easiest for you.
  9. Welcome back, Jill. I have done the same thing. I had become a member and had so many posts on here and then the crash and then a new forum and it seemed like it was up and down and I gave up...got too busy. I remember you helping me as I was trying to start my business back in summer of 2007 with a 3 month old. I've been going strong for 3 years and now have a 7 week old!!! My third and last baby and my only girl. awwww!!! I keep up with everyone on Facebook, too, although with the new addition, I've been really quiet myself. welcome back!!
  10. Just yesterday there was a post here stating that the Flamingo Factory deal had fallen through and Evan was taking back ownership, which was odd to me since the sale was in the summer, like July or so. At least 10 ppl read that post making that statement. then today I spoke to Todd at Fun Signs and asked him about it and he had no idea what I was talking about and he stated that Fun Signs still owns the Flamingo Factory. But if you go to Fun Signs website today and click on the "contact us" button, it reads as follows: Business Hours Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm Call us at (484)927-6114 Owners, Evan & Lynn Friedland So now I am confused. The original post from yesterday has been deleted on the forum, even though it is probably still on the server. So my question is who owns the Flamingo Factory? Todd says Fun Signs. Whoever is logged in under Flamingo Factory states that Evan took back ownership. Something ain't right.
  11. THANKS TO EVERYONE for the Birthday Wishes!!! My best bday present was looking at my January books. Awesome month!!! Great way to start the year. Kelly, I didn't get a new camera, but I will post my night time shots of flocks this month asap. Unfortunately, I won't be able to post pics of the daytime flocks I did. oh,well, i have plenty of pics regardless. thanks again everyone!! Keep on flocking!!!