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The LGA is now offering sponsored ads at the top of the LGA forum! Help support the LGA in it’s mission to promote the lawn greetings industry and support lawn greetings businesses by advertising on the LGA site. This is the best way to directly reach your customers!

LGA Website Banner Ads

The combination image/text ads at the top of each page have been proven to be the most effective advertising format for online forums. The image gives you a chance to show what you sell or display your logo while the text explains what you have to offer. We display ads randomly in one of the pre-set locations at the top of the forum.


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.gif, .jpg, .png or .swf files accepted. Flash files must have the link embedded and you will not be able to use our click tracking system.

Ads can be tracked (ad views and click-throughs) via the advertising control panel. You may change your ad as often as you like to test different messages/formats.


$10 per month, $100 per year (Save $20 paying in advance)


We reserve the right to refuse advertising that we deem not appropriate for the LGA for any reason.

No company may purchase more than 1 ad.

These ads are non-refundable. Once you purchased an ad campaign, you can either finish it or cancel it. You will not be refunded for the balance of the time and you may not transfer the time to someone else’s account.

We have these rules in place to cut down on any confusion with accounts and to avoid any conflicts.

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