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Don Featherstone and his flock of plastic pink flamingos.

Just what is a Lawn Greeting anyway?

A lawn greeting is a hysterical prank you can play on those you love to get their attention. Typically, a company will come out under cover of darkness and fill the recipient’s lawn with a sign, various critters including flamingos, dinosaurs, cows, and more, and add a cute sign of a saying to make your recipient laugh his or her head off.

So what’s a Yard Card then?

It’s just another word for a lawn greeting, although some yard cards are really big greeting cards in the yard with a custom message inside.

What about a Yard Greeting and all those other terms?

A yard greeting is the same as a lawn greeting, although often it is a single huge character sign, sometimes surrounded by smaller props or decorations, called “critters”. There are many terms used for this type of service.

Ok, so what’s a New Baby Stork Announcement?

A new baby stork announcement is a wonderful way to announce a new baby to the world. A 6 to 8 foot stork holds a customized plaque with baby’s name, birthdate, and weight/length. It’s a beautiful and fun way to let the world know about a new member of the family. Other characters such as a large baby, moon, teddy bear, rubber ducky and many others can be used to announce the birth of a child.

So why should I send a Lawn Greeting?

It’s more memorable than flowers or a card or even that nifty but useless gadget you thought you’d buy for Aunt Pearl! You can probably find a lawn greetings company that serves the area your friends or relatives are in, and surprise them with a totally unexpected gift that will entertain the neighbors as well as their own family. More memorable and lasting than flowers, more exciting than a card! Trust me, you’ll hear about it for years to come and they’ll look forward to the day when they can get their revenge and flock you back!

What if there isn’t a
Lawn Greetings company near me?

We have a wonderful directory, Flamingoed.com, that you can visit to see if you have one in your area. If there isn’t, why not start a Lawn Greetings company yourself? If you have contemplated starting your own Lawn Greetings company, you have found the perfect website. We are affiliated with the Lawn Greetings Business Forum, check it out!

The Lawn Greetings industry can be defined as small businesses which help their customers celebrate various occasions and events by renting displays that are set up in the recipient’s yards. The displays vary greatly from giant wooden character signs, to small “critter” signs, to a wide array of elements decorating a front yard. Generally you have 2 specific categories for lawn greetings; all occasion displays and the stork display.

Every business is independently owned and operated, unless a company is part of a franchise or dealership. Therefore, terms, prices and inventory vary greatly. There are many competitors among the more local memberships. Some have no competition while others find themselves battling hard with their competitor.

The biggest issue among our members is protecting “trade secrets” and sign designs. The internet makes it easy for one to copy off another and members are finding it increasingly difficult to protect their copyrights and trade secrets. This is one area where the LGA comes into play. We do not have any authority of policing individual rights; however, we will offer education on how to protect those rights. We are collecting a database of resource information on small business management and legalities of business ownership.

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